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Overview of CalcTime™

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Overview of CalcTime™

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Overview of CalcTime™

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In the example above, CalcTime© has SIX Window Tabs.  You should see the Tabs labeled In and Out Log, Time Tape, Regular Time AM/PM, Military Time 24/Hours (also referred to as European Time format), CalcDates and Options.


The In and Out Log allows you to record a start shift time and a end shift time. The elapsed time is automatically calculated. You can print a report that is selective by a date range and the total time is calculated according to the range selected.
The Time Tape allows you to add and/or subtract any number of time entries that you desire. Optionally, you may print your Time Tape for review and auditing purposes.
The Regular Time AM/PM and Military Time 24/Hours Tabs perform the same function of adding or subtracting one time of day with another but with different time formats.
The CalcDates performs some basic adding and subtracting a start date and end date to determine the elapsed days. Also, a quantity of days may be added or subtracted from a date to determine a start or end date.